European customer said that this is the best ffp2 mask

3ply disposable mask with quality guarantee

SLES 70% and TEXAPON  N70

Tianye Caustic soda pearls with new packages

Rinse-free hand sanitizer

Cone shape ffp2 mask with Genuine CE Certificate and Manual 13 languages

Test result 99.6% of our caustic soda pearls in customer's Lab

Loading caustic soda pearls, quality guarantee

Production 65% 70% calcium hypochlorite -chlorine

                  Packing calcium hypochlorite (chlorine) 65% and 70%

Testing our caustic soda pearls in the witness of our customer

Welcome Customers visited us warmly



                                                              caustic soda loading                                                                                                                                                     caustic soda pearl


                                                              loading caustic soda liquid                                                                                                                                        caustic soda flakes

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