Short Description:

COMMODITY: Polyvinyl Chloride Resin

APPEARANCE:  Non-toxic/odorless white power

M.F.: [CH2CHCl]-n

STANDARD: GB/T5761-2006

CAS No: 9002-86-2

HS CODE :3904109001

EINECS No: 618-338-8

PACKAGE : 25kg/bag 45kg/bag 

Product Detail

Product Tags

Type Degree of polymerization K value Purpose
SG-1 1800-1650 77-75 High-grade insulating materials
SG-2 1650-1500 75-73 Insulating materials, soft products
SG-3 1500-1350 73-71 Insulating materials, Film, shoe
SG-4 1350-1200 71-69 Membrane, hose, artificial leather
SG-5 1150-1000 68-66 Hard tube, Profile
SG-6 950-850 65-63 Hard tube,Fiber, transparent sheet
SG-7 850-750 62-60 Blow molding bottle, transparent sheet, injection molding
SG-8 750-650 59-55 Injection molding

HS code: 3904109001

Model: SG1-8

Package: 25kgs, 40kgs,50kgs/PP or customized

Application: mainly used in the production of profiles, pipe fittings, plates, sheet, cable sheathing, rigid or flexible tube, blood transfusion equipment and film; PVC is one kind of resin widely used in industry, construction, agriculture, daily life, packaging, electricity, public utilities.

Package and transportation: PVC should be packed in Kraft-paper and PP compound woven bags; Should be stored in ventilated, dry coffers and solarization and moisture should be prohibit


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